Purple Lace

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I have been more than thrilled that lace has filled the walls of my favorites stores. I would go to bed at night dreaming of all the laces I would see hanging on the walls. Then I went into Topshop where this purple lace top screamed my name and right then I knew I had to add it to my closet. As I mentioned here I went out this weekend and purchased it! I layered the cropped, see-through lace top with a white skinny strapped tank top but so much can be done. How would you wear this top?


  1. looks really cute! I think I would wear it with a simple black or gray pencil skirt!
    Love the cut of it!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  2. I'm in love with lace Ts these days too..

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  3. Hi, thankyou so much for commenting on my blog! It really means so much! The couch is actually my families, and we had to take it apart.. But I thought it would be amazing to take some photos with :)

    Your blog is great by the way!
    I really like your posts and outfits :)

    Miss Violet Bell.xx

  4. Great lace t-shirt! Looks so pretty on you! Have a great day:)

  5. awwww the lace really suits you!
    thanks for the gorgeous comment
    stop back soon! xx

  6. I love lace! You look great:)

  7. ohhh I feel the same way...I just bought a cream lace dress and a white lace top...still in search for a romantic black top.

    But I love love love purple and that top is gorgeous.
    I'd wear it with a simple yellow or white dress and layer the top over it. Or wear with some cute shorts or a skirt! :)

  8. Pretty cute top & Shoes :D
    Thanks for comment me ...
    Much Love MaryWhitney



  9. i have to comment on how much i absolutely LOVE the top and shoes!! the outfit looks great on you! and you look super pretty! -(tu mejor amiga de btree) ;)

  10. oh i love this
    i think i would end up putting a black tshirt underneath it

  11. love your top, esp the colour! goes nicely with the shoes :)

  12. thank you for your sweet comment :) i adore your blog - i can tell i will be excited to see your posts!

  13. That is such a lovely top and you are so pretty in these photos!

  14. It's a perfect summer top!! I love everything lace! You have a great smile! xoxoxoxoo

  15. Thanks for your comment.
    You look so lovely, love this top.

    Clara Marinelli

  16. Super cute lace top!



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