Green Effect

head to toe dvf; clutch, coach; necklace, ken & dana design

More and more I have been finding myself bearing the cold in chunky sweaters, hoping it will make the fall last longer. Guess what? It doesn't. I find myself freezing by the end of the day. Recently I was gifted these Diane von Furstenburg green suede boots and have been in love from day one. Even though they are higher than shoes I would normally wear, they are comfortable enough to wear all day {I wore them for six hours straight yesterday!}. Another plus is that they are a unique addition to my heel collection, which I am trying to build upon.

P.S. Happy Halloween!

A Warm Fall

top, ling; sweater, abercrombie; skirt, express; clutch, juicy couture; bracelet, vintage; suede wedge pumps, trouve

In New England the changes in season are not associated with one's closet. The best part about the changing seasons {and strange weather} is that I can hold onto my favorite pieces longer. I really hate thinking of saying goodbye to my flow-y skirt {seen here} for the winter, but thanks to the weather I get to wear it a few more times.

Update: I'm still waiting on my Lita's they really cannot come fast enough.

Love / Hate

wrap dress, diane von furstenburg; blazer, j.crew; flats, coach

Even though I have lived in New England my whole life, I still have a love / hate relationship with the crazy weather patterns. I love the four distinct seasons, but hate the drastic changes in temperature on a day-to-day basis. Today was a day for the beach (not really, but I did contemplate going), and my wrap dress complemented this warm fall day - I love the bold leopard print. I got the inspiration to wear my blazer over my shoulders from the current runway shows. I love how runway styles can become your own.  

P.S.- my Jeffrey Campbell Litas are on the way - I am literally dying with anticipation

Peek-a-boo Mesh

top, lna via gilt; leggings, dvf; wedges, trouve; sunnies, prada

Ever since I was invited to, I have been a complete addict. I practically wait by my phone everyday 5 minutes until 12 for updates on new sales and what could potentially be mine. Since I am always too scared {because of sizing or not logging in fast enough} I never buy the pieces that I want. I finally decided on this LnA shirt and I am surprisingly in love. The mesh stripes are both cute and sexy making it a versatile top. You all know I love to be comfortable, so this is the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  And yes, I am posting an over-load of my new suede wedges but can you blame me?

Seen In:

This morning I woke up to an email saying I would be featured on's Best Dressed Readers (a good way to start off my weekend). The post is actually up already and I could not be more happy and honored. The look was taken from a former post {here} and it is actually one of my favorite ones yet. The post describes how you don't need to dress in cool colors for the cooler weather {which I completely agree with}. I hope you enjoy the article !  

A Hint of Velvet

 sweater, j.crew; dress, express; wedges, trouve

I bought this dress last winter for it's hint of velvet. I have always loved the texture and since not every store carried velvet I saw this dress as having a great velvet touch. Since I wasn't going to be in all day I layered it over a long sleeved cardigan; extenuating the dress while keeping my arms warms.

Bee Sting

 sweater & skirt, dvf; clogs, coach; bracelet, tiffany&co

The winter breeze has started and I feel it constantly nipping at my legs and fingers like a bumble bee, hence my title. Even with the cold weather this outfit is one of my favorites {and right off the runway}. The small detail in the shoulders give it an edgy look but the bright yellow color keeps it fun and feminine. The cropped sweater leaves the perfect space for the gold high waist-ed skirt {to die for}. I spend my days in it twirling around whiles the ruffles try to follow my spinning motion. 


This is a picture from an out-take of an {old post} that I never posted but always wanted to. There are so many pictures that don't make it onto my site but I love how fun and vibrant (along with my shoes) this picture is. It seems that lately I can never get my hair as straight as I did here. Each morning is always a struggle with my brush and straight iron.

I also wanted to express how twitter has been my second cyber home lately. I am completely addicted and sometimes even may leave TMI (too much information)!  

Home Arrival

jacket & flats, juicy couture; sweater, j.crew; jeans, joes jeans; scarf, dvf

This weekend my boyfriend and I went home to my parent's to enjoy some time with my family. We spent our days going to my sisters game {she danced at half time during the homecoming football game}, shopping {that goes without saying}, and crowding around the kitchen like always. I was able to unwind from weekly stress - which I desperately needed. I enjoy coming home to tranquility and my dog, Lily.

The Wedge

top & jacket, free people; leggings, dvf; shoes, trouve; bag, botkier

 These are the shoes I rewarded myself with for doing a full day of errands in my heels {my latest post}. I purchased these wedges to help expand and grow the height in my shoe closet which is full of flats. They are actually more comfortable than I imagined and I spent another busy day in them. My feet are actually getting used to being in heels and I haven't got much complaints (from them haha). At the grocery store I got so many confusing looks as I was picking up my necessities of milk and eggs to get me through the weekend but, I just couldn't get enough of my new wedges.

Fall Flat

top, gifted by cottonink; vest, gap; jeggings & clutch, juicy couture; clogs, coach; bracelet, tiffany & co

If I said I lived in my heels it would be an utter and complete lie. My favorite accessory that fills my shoe collection are flats. For the most part my heels last on my feet a total of three hours and I really don't know why. I love how sexy and tall I feel in them but, I also feel sexy in my flats. This season my goal is to wear more heels but they will probably always be second best to my flats. So, I took these heels out on my daily errands with me and have to say I fell in love. To reward myself for my hard high heel errands I got myself another pair of heels.

Hold onto summer

dress, free people; top, splendid; jacket, juicy couture; booties, jeffrey campbell

Another attempt of holding onto my summer pieces a little bit longer. See my summer version of this dress here. I just hate to put them away for the season, not yet at least.

Sweater craze

dress, free people; sweater, abercrombie; socks, j.crew; flats staccato
phillips acadamy, north andover

Lately I find myself in a sweater crave. I am constantly reaching for them hoping to get a little more wear out of my dresses and skirts. Fall has really come in full effect and I am loving every day of the cooler weather and layers. 

Rainy Musts

The weather lately has forced me to lay in bed longer and be completely lazy with no desire of stepping outside into the cold rain. I lay there until finally getting dragged out of bed to sit and enjoy a warm latte, where I can sit and watch the rain fall. Each time it rains I catch myself doing the same things that make me both happy & warm.

My fall rainy day musts:
A hot mocha latte
Over-sized boyfriend cardigans
Stocking up on my favorite magazines
Homemade pumpkin soup
Dresses and leg warmers
Catch up on every trashy tv show possible
Getting caught in the rain

A Chill

top, splendid; cardigan, belt, & tights, diane von furstenberg; flats, cole haan

Lately the days are filled with cold breezes which makes me only want to be in my cashmere cardigan. I have been living in it for my daily errands, coffee dates, long days, and lazy nights filled with hot chocolate and movies. I can mix and match it with just about every piece in my wardrobe and love all the different outfits I can create. What have you been living in this fall?