the dark side

tank, cottonink; skirt and shoes, dvf; sunnies, chloe; bag, sushi; bracelet, tiffany&co

Even though summer is barely over (I really still feel as though summer never started) I decided to change my hair into something more natural and appropriate for pre-fall. I walked out of the salon -my regular salon that I visited all the way in Boston- dreading my decision and missing my drastic ombre-do. But each time I see myself in the mirror I like the color more and more. I guess it was the change I need for the changing fashion season.

playing with heat

dress, unknown; bag, botkier; sandals, coach; sunnies, rayban; necklace, ken & dana design

An unbearable heat wave took over the city this weekend. Even though I tried my best to keep hydrated and stay in as much as possible I had to sneak outside for some photos. During the un-breathable heat black was probably not the smartest pieces to wear, but low front made me feel the closest to naked that I could be. The only thing that I like about the heat is that my hair can get as curly as it can while still looking put together. I love when you have an excuse to be all natural - thank you heat!
Tonight, I'm en route to Boston to be with my family for a few days. I am so happy to have some time off to just relax and spend quality time with them!

the high line

dress, gypsy 05; shoes, missoni; bag, louis vuitton; sunnies, tom ford

Since I recently became a New Yorker I still enjoy doing tourist activities. This past weekend I took Joe to my some of my favorite and daily spots which included Union Square and the High Line. We found new coffee shops and indulged in buttery steaks. For our city adventure I wore this tie-dyed dress (also seen here) for a comfy and casual look. Summer pieces are so easy to change it only takes one new accessory or sandal and voila a new look.

the ombre

top and shorts, dvf; shoes, jeffrey campbell, bag, coach, sunnies, rayban

Joe came to visit me again this weekend and I finally got a chance to have someone snap my photo. I never fully appreciated all that we did for me until I moved. But this is all part of me learning, growing, and being more independent (so far I don't know how well I am doing). 
Afraid to go to another hair stylist I have been letting the ombre grow out of my hair naturally. I'm not sure how I feel about the results. I love how your hair defines you so I guess my definition is currently lazy.


outtake from previous post

Melting. The sun has been scorching for the past week hitting over 100 degree Fahrenheit. It leaves for an unpleasant summer day and hot summer nights. I'm ready for a cool front to come in and save me from the heat. 

Hot Child In The City

dress and sandals, dvf; bag, kooba; sunnies, tom ford; bangles, david yurman

The temperatures keep on rising in the city and every time I try to escape to the beach rain ruins my plans. My cool me off is a daily iced latte from Ninth Street Espresso. The prices can be steep for a cup of joe but it is completely worth it. This is one of the my most simple maxi dresses that I own this season. The fit transitions so easy from day to night. My only concern is the piece of string that was suppose to be a sash belt. It just is so unnecessary that I turn it into a bracelet instead.

Party In The Back

top; t by; jeans, juicy couture; scarf, coach; bag, botkier; shoes, jimmy choo

I'm never really a fan of the element of surprise; my boyfriend can vouge for me. My days are packed with multiple schedules and if something isn't there it isn't happening. Without my schedule my life feels like an utter cluster and complete mess. I'm trying to work on being less organized and enjoying things as they come, but when it comes to clothing surprise can be a good thing.