The Brutal Winter

 These Sam Edelman shoes are my favorite because they remind me of Sergio Rossi shoes. They were a pain to walk in at first but ever since I wore them in a little they have been amazing.

faux fur vest, bb dakota c/o beso; sweater, dvf; jeggings, juicy couture; shoes, sam edelman; ring, ysl arty ring; bracelet, tiffany&co; bag, coach

Words can not even describe how brutal the winter has been in Boston especially for a blogger. It has driven me into a blogging limbo lately. I have no motivation to bare the chilly days, lack of sun, and mile-high snow mounds for a couple shots of my outfits. I finally got the courage to brave the weather today and even though it wasn't as sunny as I hoped the weather was nicer than it has been for weeks.  

For those of you who follow my twitter you already know that I recently got invisiline. Even though I have only had them for a month I can already see the changes in both my smile and my teeth. I am so happy with the results thus far and it can only get better & straighter! 

Closet Rut

top, charlette ronson c/o shopthefarout; jeans, true religion; flats, cole hann

Lately I have been digging in my closet to find the perfect outfit, but the outcome is just a mess of layers to keep myself from not freezing my fingers off. I find myself taking a little time out of each day to somehow shop whether its online or at stores. I find myself stuck in a rut of the winter blues. I'm not ready for summer pieces but I am too sick of winter ones.   

Additional Layers

jacket, burberry; jeans, abercrombie; shoes, scarf, and hat, dvf; bag, coach

I am utterly sick of adding layers to my outfits for warmth. It's like my identity is lost underneath every layered piece.
 Without many words (and thousands of pictures to prove it) these boots are definitely my-go to winter piece. They add a wonderful color to any outfit and can be styled two different ways; laced up for my edgier days and folded down for my more chic days. Today I was feeling edgier trying to concur the snow. 

Where Is Spring?

{images via Madewell}

The weather lately has been unbearable and puts me in an outfit rut. The mix of snow and rain leaves me unable to decide if I'm even going to attempt going outside never mind what I will wear. Saying I am ready for spring in an understatement. I welcome it with open arms and my closet does the same. I really envy the west coast bloggers, maybe I should consider taking me and my blog there. 
For now my spring desires will be unfilled with Madewell's Spring 2011 Lookbook. The neutrals and oxfords have me drooling. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Seen In: Never A Dull Day; Whats In My Closet

Thank you to the wonderful people at Never A Dull Day for featuring me in their "What's in my closet" post. Jump over the website to check out my feature and current three favorite outfits.

NYE in NYC {my lookbook}

Even though New Years Eve was weeks ago I find myself constantly re-living the night through my pictures. I enjoyed my time in New York City by sight-seeing (yes I think the shops on Madison Ave. are sights), shopping, and devouring food with my friends and boyfriend. The city was completely over crowded and I took the weekend to relax, think about nothing, and spend some money (i.e. my ysl ring).

The Train To Somewhere

 sweater, coat, scarf; dvf; jeans, juicy coutire; wedges, trouve

When I lived in Madrid the train was my daily transportation. I knew how to get to and from to almost any destination using the train and even switching lines.I took the train both alone and with friends. It was like my other half that I needed to get where I desired. In Boston I am uneasy with taking the train. I'm not used to how to get where I want and when opted I'll take a car or taxi any day. This year I hope to be more independent in taking the train is a new years resolution of mine.   

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The Winter Sun

top; charolette ronson c/o lulus; jeans, true religion; flats, banana republic; bag, botkier; scarf, burberry; sunnies, rayban

My favorite part of the winter is when the sun finally emerges from hiding. It allows me to dust off my sunnies and take them out with me. My hair has been an absolute mess lately and I am unaware of how to style it properly. I'll nail my hair style soon, I hope!

Arty Ring

My YSL arty ring has been glued onto my hand since the moment I bought it {seen here, here} while spending my New Years Eve in New York City. The colors fit perfectly into my wardrobe and everyday life. I have been counting down the days until this ring could be mine since, it is like a must-have in the blogging world. Once I saw the silver I knew I had to shy away from the classic gold enamel and go with something different that melted into my own jewlery collection.

New Year, New Hair

blazer, dvf; top, express; jeans, juicy couture; shoes, sam edelman; ring, ysl; bangles, david yurman

I've been itching to chop all of my hair off for a while now, but I have never had the courage to go through with it. The weather pushed me to face my fears saying goodbye to my dead hair and leaving me with smooth, light hair. While picking my cut options I channeled Olivia Palermo's new shorter-do and made it my own with some long angles and layers. I do miss my long locks, but for now I am having fun with my shorter hair.

Desperate For A Change

sweater, coat, & jacket, dvf; ring, ysl; wedges, trouve; clutch, coach

 The winter days have been brutal to my hair leaving me desperate for a haircut. Each time I attempt to get a trim I end up changing my hair style completely, but it is a new year so a new hair cut may need to happen. 
 Over the weekend while visiting New York City I finally got the YSL arty ring in a silver and black color. I love how different and over-sized it is. Even though the colors are dark the ring makes my fingers shine. It fits perfectly in my jewelry collection of silver hues. 

The Year of 2010


My 2010 was an exciting year full of travel, love, fashion, and friends. I am so appreciative for all the people who take the time to read my blog. Not to dwell on the past but, I put together a collection of my favorite pictures over the year. In with the new and out with the old.

Far Out {WINNER}

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