Pony Hair

shoes, diane von furstenberg zias

With my Olympus camera (my favorite birthday present) in the repair shop for over a month. I felt as though pictures with any other camera was not up to par for my blog and its viewers.  It gave me a chance to focus on myself and everything going on in my now so busy life. Since then I have moved to a new apartment, had life changing thoughts about my life and career, and focused on me time. Now that I have my camera back I'm ready to dive back into blogging head on. 

Pony hair. I have been obsessed with it's arrival since pre-fall fashion shows and my closet keeps on growing with different styles. They had an edge to any outfit whether it be jeans, black pants, or a dress. These shoes are the second piece of pony hair that I've added to my closet this season and I wear them with endless possibilities.