Spring Day

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Madrid is the perfect city in the spring time. The streets are buzzing with Spaniards and the ambiance is breath taking. Each cafe and restaurant up and down my street opened their outdoor seating and I am finally getting able to enjoy the weather Spain in known for. My day cannot start without walking to get my daily iced mocha and usually ends with a cupcake or two from Happy Day. The nights are warm enough to wear a light cardigan which makes it easier when going out, no coat check!

Madrid in 48 hours

Madrid is a beautiful city full of life and culture. I got a previous request to do Madrid in 48 hours. Even though 48 hours does not seem like a lot I know you can conquer the city in that amount of time. My suggestion:

Day One: Hit all the majors
For Day One I would get as much of Madrid as I could. I would suggest visiting Sol, Gran Via, and Plaza Mayor. They are all in the same area so going from each will not be hard at all.
After seeing the wonderful characters at Plaza Mayor (and yes I mean Mickey Mouse & "Fat Spider Man") I would make my way to San Miguel Marketplace where you can get a variety of tapas like croquettes, sushi, wines, fish, etc. Sit in the middle of the marketplace and enjoy the Spanish ambiance. 
With your stomach full next stop is the Royal Palace. It is simply gorgeous.
After that I would rest my feet, enjoy a nice (but small) siesta and prepare myself for Madrids nightlife. My suggestions: The Cave Bar, Areia; a bar with beds and huge cocktail list, or a night in Chueca (Spain's homosexual neighborhood- It is a blast.)

Attire: With all the walking, sight-seeing, and culture you are about to encounter my attire would be. A cute spring.summer day dress and a pair of your most comfortable flats. For night, jeans and a tank-top with sky-high heels.

Day Two:
Museums; Prado, Thyssen & Reina Sofia
The Prado and Thyssen museums are close to each other but the Reina Sofia is a little farther so before hopping on the metro (in the spring/summer I prefer the bus) stop into Retiro Park. Pack yourselves a lunch (a lot of restaurants have picnics to go) or snacks and find the best piece of grass and enjoy a picnic. Before leaving the area make sure to stop by Banco de Espana (now known as the post office) it is simply gorgeous. After leaving Retiro head to the high-end shops on Serrano Street, I would go even if you just window shop. The shops themselves are beautiful and there are well-known designers to Spanish designers like My favorite; Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
Flamenco at Corral de la Moreria; i would arrive early for dinner & the show. they have a wall filled of photos with each celebrity that has visit this Flamenco place who knows who will be sitting next to you! (Jenifer Aniston was there just last week)

Attire: This day is a little more casual so I would stick to jeans and shorts with converses and a short-sleeved tee-shirt or tank top. Everyone at any age wears converse shoes so you will have no problem not looking like a tourists! But, be careful of pick-pockers! They'll get you.

Rainy Day
Museums museums museums. On a rainy day (hopefully you will not encounter this) the perfect place to be is at the museums with all the famous artists like Goya and Botticelli. I would also check out Instituto Cervantes (calle Alcalá, 49) they always have new and interesting expositions.

Mens Wear

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To me, men's wear is so confident and sexy. It shows that you are courageous yet gorgeous enough to pull off both men and women attire. I am always rummaging through my boyfriend's closet looking for anything that I can remotely pull off to give my outfit a romantic feeling because what is more romantic than sharing (for me its more like stealing) your boyfriends clothes. So, I stole this belt from my boyfriend's closet to give my outfit the finishing touch it needed. What is your favorite piece from your boyfriend's closet?

Sweet Tooth

Today I received the Gorgeous Blogger Award from Ariel. It really made my day to receive my second blog award! Ariel has a beautiful blog focused on make-up & fashion. I am super busy with the end of classes and my finals but I hope to pass this blog along soon. Thanks again Ariel!


Redfeet No More

spending the day in Retiro Park

Redfoot Diana White Flats
they fit perfectly in my bag
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Yesterday I squealed with excitement when I opened the package from the wonderful people at Redfoot Shoes. I could actually feel my feet thanking me for having yet another pair of Redfoot Shoes to add to my closet. I quickly opened the box and took my new babies (the shoes of course) to Retiro Park to relax, soak up the sun with friends, & enjoy my Cosmopolitan magazine. As I blogged about (here & here) Redfoot Shoes are simply the best accessories to travel with. They fit perfectly in your huge day bag or small clutch, unfold and hug your feet for ultimate comfort and style. These flats are known as the "After Party Shoe" but I also love to use the flats to run errands in or to simple just grab lunch with my girlfriends. Weither Im doing errands or out for the night with the girls my feet wont be throbbing anymore with Redfoot. Have any of you girls tried Redfoot Shoes? 

P.S. - Please check out my featured in section on my blog page.

Tights Please


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I have to admit I usually hate tights under anything but occasional skirts and dresses. But, with the weather not getting warm quick enough tights is the perfect way to show off your legs in a seasonal way. Dieing for the summer to come I paired my tights with shorts & a sweatshirt embellished in the shoulders. It was the perfect mix between summer and "im not trying too hard." Truthfully, I cannot wait to bare my legs in the warm summer sun!


Goat cheese salad with apples and walnuts
tomato spread
cardigan, j.crew

The weekends in Madrid are just gorgeous. The sun is shining and every restaurant / cafe has outdoor seating so you can enjoy the great ambiance of the city. (That is where you'll find all the Spaniards) My favorite lunch place in the city is Harina; a small bread (pan) place. The breads, salads, sandwiches and daily-made pastries are the fresh-est you will get in the city and it is just delicious. I am a sucker for the goat cheese salad and mint lemonade which I order EVERY time I am there. The lemonade tastes like a virgin mojito that should be sipped on your own private island. Ah...I just love the taste of summer.

Fashion & Literature

This fashion exhibit;20 Trajes Para Europa, is a beautiful mixture of designers like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Purificacion Garcia and literature. Each designer displays a piece (they are all absolutely gorgeous) with different textures and colors that relate to a piece of literature. The project started in 2006 in Tokyo and has been in Beijing, Istanbul and Milan, and finally made its way to Spain. The last showing in Madrid is today but they are in Budapest until May 23rd of this year. If you have a chance to go you really should!
The Spanish honorable designers & writers:
Devota & Lomba for Cien años de soledad by Gabriel García Márquez,
Agatha Ruíz de la Prada for LLona llegó con la lluvia by Álvaro Mutis,
Victorio & Lucchino for Soles by Juan Gelman,
Carmen March for Cinco horas con Mario by Miguel Delibes,
Jesús del Pozo for Los años con Laura Díaz by Carlos Fuentes,
Hannibal Laguna for Latitud. Mandarla by José Ángel Valente,
Miguel Palacio for La Reina de las Nieves by Carmen Martín Gaite,
Purificación García for Jardín by Dulce María Loynaz,
Davidelfin for Exentos II by Antonio Gamoneda,
Amaya Arzuaga for Delirio y Destino. La loca by María Zambrano,
Roberto Tortea for Carlota Fainberg by Antonio Muñoz Molina and
Lydia Delgado for Barrio Maravillas by Rosa Chacel.

source; mdpclick

When in Rome

being very Italian

Trevvi Fountain

Spanish steps
Via dei Condotti
shirt, pepe jeans; sunglasses, rayban; bag, botiker; jeans, joes jeans

With the weather trying to get warmer I decided to reminisce on my spring break trip; specifically, Rome. (I recently blogged about how to pack for the trip) The streets are full of tourists and the air smells of delicious pizza and pasta; there really is no better pizza or pasta in the world! My favorite pizza place was outside of the center city called Remo’s Pizza. The pizzas were individual sized which was a perfect excuse to get my own pizza and whatever topping I wanted; cheese, peppers, & onions. (My mouth is watering just thinking of it) Another must-try is the roman suppli; a deep fried ball filled of rice & mozzarella. How can you say no to that tasty appetizer.

My favorite Roman places:
The Colessium- of course it is a must see, it is even one of the seven wonders of the world!
Remo's Pizza- tucked away from the city center is this family run pizza place, the place is packed with locals, and the individual pizzas are to die for.
Trevvi Fountain- this jut took my breathe away, be sure to throw a coin in & make a wish, & drink from the fountains!
Via dei Condotti- a street where every designer has at least one store (there were two louis vuittons and guccis.) the cobblestone street gives this designer wonderland an amazing Italian feeling.
Gioletti- the best gelato in all of Rome. Aubrey Hepburn even filmed a movie here! My favorite is the crema

Ciao Bellas!

Simply Adore...Rebel Yell

When online window shopping on what was hopefully the last rainy day in Madrid I found my new favorite clothing line; Rebel Yell (which I briefly talked about here). Tons of celebrities from Vanessa Hudgens to Alessandra Ambrosio rock this line in this cute line of 70s and 80s rock. The shirts have cute logos on it from "Brunettes Do It Better" to "Make <3." I love everything piece they carry and just want them all. My favorite pieces are:

High on Love Boyfriend Cropped tee
I just love this shirt especially because I am currently living in Spain
Te Amo Cut Off Top

Vanessa Hudgens in Rebel Yell
sources; singer22, source

My Sunday Hangout

sweater, Gap; bracelet, Tiffany & Co.; ring, David Yurman

Even though most places are closed on Sundays I waste no time on enjoying the day; especially in Madrid. After hanging out in Retiro Park or shopping at El Rastro I go to my favorite breakfast / lunch place, Le Pain Quotidien; a cute, cozy bread restaurant. The store reminds me of home with its cozy atmosphere, outlet spots, and daily newspaper. Its the perfect place to enjoy a cappuccino or cafe latte (cafe con leche). You can get a range of soups, sandwitches, and salads that are all accompanied with tons of bread. And try to save room for their yummy desserts! Its a perfect way to spend a lazy sunday.

Pack For...Rome

shirt, pepe jeans

Last week for spring break I traveled all over Italy and picked up a lot of fashion tips first hand that I wanted to share with my glamorous passporties (my new term for my blog readers-love it?). Rome is a city of so many (sometimes it can be overwelming), much need sight seeing. Who knows you may bump into a dreamy Italian on your vacation (and yes it is true the men are to die for). To be comfortable yet cute and appropriate for the Ialian on-lookers my top 5 essentials are:

Hogan sneakers- i dont love these sneakers but everyone in Italy does. you will see them on every Italians feet.
Jeans- i just love jeans they are casual but cute and you can dress them up for your night out in the city
Tee-shirt- my new favorite tee-shirt are from Rebel Yell. they edgey but cute
Cardigan- i live in my J.Crew cardigans
Leather jacket- everyone has one so i would have one to fit in and not look too much like a tourist

hogan shoes, 

Even though I dont LOVE Hogan sneakers these ones are adorable
source: styledrops

Sweet Tooth

Thanks to Angelina from Angelina in Love who gave me my first blog award; i love your blog. I literally sqeauled with excitement when I saw this posted of her adorable page! She is such a talented (and cute) writer so for her to give this award to me was so kind.Thanks again girl!

Dreams Do Come True

After seeing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which I was actually disappointed in) I became obsessed with Alice and her Wonderland world. Even though I did not enjoy the movie as I thought I would I grew a love towards the story and all things magical. To fulfill my Alice in Wonderland needs I bought The annotated Alice by Lewis Carroll (edited by Martin Gardner). Throughout the book he gives side notes on what each little hint and joke Carroll is referring to. It is so interesting! I also found and fell in love with Disney Couture, a jewelery line inspired by all things Disney with a touch of couture. My favorite pieces are:

 Tom Binns for Alice In Wonderland Tangled Chain Necklace 

14 ct gold planted teacup with spoon ring

Oxidized Silver Heart Locket Necklace

sources: asos

Charolette Delivered to My Door

  shoe folded in half for easy packing

how adorable

When I saw the four flats dedicated to the four leading ladies of Sex & the City from Redfoot I knew that I HAD to have the Charolettes. Her character in Sex & the City & me are the same person so when I saw these I instant fell in love with them because we have the same style, naturally. I recently blogged about these adorable fold-able flats and finally got them in the mail!! They are so perfect for packing and even come with their own travel bag. They fit in a wrist let or purse so you can slip them in your bag for a night out and when your 5-inch heels are killing you you can make the easy change from hot heels to cute flats. (Your feet will thank you in the morning.) They are also the perfect pair of shoes to travel with because they take up close to no room in your suitcase. I really cannot get enough of these flats. Which Sex & The City flats channel your style?