Just A Slip

dress, diane von furstenberg; sandals, havianas; sunnies, prada

There is nothing like the sand beneath your feet. I lived in this dress all week, during the day it was a easy beach cover up by taking out the slip and viola - a beach cover up. For night I just re-attached the slip added my favorite wedges and it's the perfect dress. It's a complete two for one. Before my trip to Miami I was longing for the sun but now I am all tanned out. I'm actually now looking forward to the colder months that lay ahead.

Another City

top, j.crew; shorts, topshop; wedges and bag, dvf; sunnies, prada; watch, coach

My time in Miami was short but was completely relaxing and necessary. I forgot about time, schedules and stress. It's fun how you can go from one city to another and get a completely different lifestyle. Recognize my top (seen here) and shorts (seen here) seem familiar? They were the best two pieces I packed both super easy and comfortable, and can be worked into anything. I love how shorts are making a come back and they are not the super casual / lazy equivalent that they used to be.

Miami Lovin'

sunnies, rayban; bathing suit, victorias secret

 Lately I have been using Miami as my getaway locale. The beach is clean, the air is fresh, and the atmosphere is simply relaxing. I packed way too much clothes forgetting that I only needed bathing suits for the beach. To avoid different tan lines I pretty much lived in this Victoria's Secret bathing suit. You can never go wrong with a LBB (little black bakini). It was a much needed break from my crazy life in the city. 

I'm Back

dress and wedges, dvf; sunnies, tom ford; bracelets, david yurman

I'm back into my blogging thing and it feels so so good. I've really missed spending hours getting lost in the blog-o-sphere and I am so happy to be able to add my fashion input. I got this dress late in the season but I am in love with the colors and patterns. When you find something so great like this you have it wear it as minimally as you can.

never ending summer days

dress, dvf; shoes, bimba and lola; neckalace, swarovski; sunnies, tom ford; clutch, juicy couture

Summer in the city has literally worn me out. The days are longer, hotter, and my days are busier than ever. Even though the summer has been a whirl-wind I cant imagine the summer being over. I feel like all my summer pieces haven't had the right amount of wear and my summer shoes haven't been worn enough. I'm not ready to pack it all away for the colder seasons.

Camera Shy

sunnies, chloe; top, jcrew; clutch, juicy couture

Since my camera broke three weeks ago I feel like no picture has been good enough for my blog. My long weeks and short weekends shacked up in my apartment to hide from hurricane Irene have not helped my feelings of not wanting to snap a photo or two. Somewhere after organizing my life and the hurricane came the most amazing package from Misikko. I have playing with this flat iron for a few weeks now and it is just amazing. My hair feels softer than ever and stays straighter longer. I am in love with my new straightener and ready for some photos!