Fashion Week Madrid, Spain

I am a little late on this post but Madrid is having their Fashion Week from February 18-23. The list of designers are posted on the website; Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week and include my favorite designers like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Hope all the MadrileƱos can make it to the runway.

Ciao mis amores!

Stumblings: La Distribuitadora

When walking up and down Serrano Street in Madrid I stumbled upon my first "stumpling"; La Distribuitadora. I am already a sucker as it is for cute junk that makes me smile so this place was heaven to me. The store was full of things for everyday use with a fun twist like a cow-printed ottoman. They even have a safe that looks like a cereal box. It has items for every room in your place! So next time you update your pad or want to spice up a room I would highly recommend this cutesy store!

Valentine's Day Premiere

The stars stepped out looking fabulous for the premiere of the movie Valentine's Day. What a perfect way to spend Valentine's Day; with a box of popcorn, ben & jerry's ice cream, and your girlfriends or boyfriend in the theaters watching the dreamy Bradley Cooper and Taylor Lautner. There is no doubt that I will be making my bf go with me once in comes out in Spain.

The celebrities..

Both Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaways' dresses had hints of feathers which adds a cute but sexy pop to their dresses. Alba's new haircut is short and cute but makes her look like a little girl. No matter what she can pull of anything!

A blast in Valentine's Day past. Aishwarya Rai wore this adorable pink heart dress for the premiere of her film, Pink Panther 2 in 2009. Where can I get this? :)

Current Obsession: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

I currently can not go a day without thinking of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Her line is cute and chic filled with color, shapes, and especially hearts. Her new valentines day/spring line just launched and it is full of over-sized dresses and sailor themes which I am absolutely crazy over. Her stored is flocked with Madrilenos. But luckily for us, she also has a store in New York City.

New York City Address:
135 Wooster Street
New York

Lollipops & Tank tops

Lollipops and tank tops are two items that look cute no matter where you are and what you are doing.

This month's lollipops and tank tops:
a timeless watch
especially in white. My favorite is by Michael Kors. I got my boyfriend their black one for Christmas and I am dieing to have my own!

March's Covergirls

I love both of these girls do they ever look bad? :)