Pony Hair

shoes, diane von furstenberg zias

With my Olympus camera (my favorite birthday present) in the repair shop for over a month. I felt as though pictures with any other camera was not up to par for my blog and its viewers.  It gave me a chance to focus on myself and everything going on in my now so busy life. Since then I have moved to a new apartment, had life changing thoughts about my life and career, and focused on me time. Now that I have my camera back I'm ready to dive back into blogging head on. 

Pony hair. I have been obsessed with it's arrival since pre-fall fashion shows and my closet keeps on growing with different styles. They had an edge to any outfit whether it be jeans, black pants, or a dress. These shoes are the second piece of pony hair that I've added to my closet this season and I wear them with endless possibilities.

My Place

vest, pants, pumps, bag, dvf; top, anthropolgie; bangles, david yurman; sunnies, tom ford

This gazebo by the water is my spot when I go home. With the crazy city that I live in it's great to remember the relaxing place that I am from. Since the weather is starting to get cooler I have been drawn to blacks and whites. I wore my pony hair leopard pumps to break up the dull colors. I have been addicted to anything leopard and pony hair lately my closet is just full of it.

Straight With It

hana straightener
fointainebleu hotel

Humidity has not been my friend for the past couple of weeks. It always feels like no product or hours spent with a straightener will ever keep my hair straight, that is until Hana. When the people from Misikko sent me a package it was like a gift from the hair heavens. The morrocan oils made me hair feel super soft and kept the frizz in tact. This straightener has been my little weapon for the weather and the flat iron is winning.    

Just A Slip

dress, diane von furstenberg; sandals, havianas; sunnies, prada

There is nothing like the sand beneath your feet. I lived in this dress all week, during the day it was a easy beach cover up by taking out the slip and viola - a beach cover up. For night I just re-attached the slip added my favorite wedges and it's the perfect dress. It's a complete two for one. Before my trip to Miami I was longing for the sun but now I am all tanned out. I'm actually now looking forward to the colder months that lay ahead.

Another City

top, j.crew; shorts, topshop; wedges and bag, dvf; sunnies, prada; watch, coach

My time in Miami was short but was completely relaxing and necessary. I forgot about time, schedules and stress. It's fun how you can go from one city to another and get a completely different lifestyle. Recognize my top (seen here) and shorts (seen here) seem familiar? They were the best two pieces I packed both super easy and comfortable, and can be worked into anything. I love how shorts are making a come back and they are not the super casual / lazy equivalent that they used to be.

Miami Lovin'

sunnies, rayban; bathing suit, victorias secret

 Lately I have been using Miami as my getaway locale. The beach is clean, the air is fresh, and the atmosphere is simply relaxing. I packed way too much clothes forgetting that I only needed bathing suits for the beach. To avoid different tan lines I pretty much lived in this Victoria's Secret bathing suit. You can never go wrong with a LBB (little black bakini). It was a much needed break from my crazy life in the city. 

I'm Back

dress and wedges, dvf; sunnies, tom ford; bracelets, david yurman

I'm back into my blogging thing and it feels so so good. I've really missed spending hours getting lost in the blog-o-sphere and I am so happy to be able to add my fashion input. I got this dress late in the season but I am in love with the colors and patterns. When you find something so great like this you have it wear it as minimally as you can.

never ending summer days

dress, dvf; shoes, bimba and lola; neckalace, swarovski; sunnies, tom ford; clutch, juicy couture

Summer in the city has literally worn me out. The days are longer, hotter, and my days are busier than ever. Even though the summer has been a whirl-wind I cant imagine the summer being over. I feel like all my summer pieces haven't had the right amount of wear and my summer shoes haven't been worn enough. I'm not ready to pack it all away for the colder seasons.

Camera Shy

sunnies, chloe; top, jcrew; clutch, juicy couture

Since my camera broke three weeks ago I feel like no picture has been good enough for my blog. My long weeks and short weekends shacked up in my apartment to hide from hurricane Irene have not helped my feelings of not wanting to snap a photo or two. Somewhere after organizing my life and the hurricane came the most amazing package from Misikko. I have playing with this flat iron for a few weeks now and it is just amazing. My hair feels softer than ever and stays straighter longer. I am in love with my new straightener and ready for some photos!

LW in DC

top, j.crew; jeans and clutch, juicy couture; sandals, bimba & lola; sunnies, chloe

My family took a small trip to New York City then Washington, DC. Since I had time off of work Joe and I decided to take a road trip (the most fun ever) and meet them in D.C.. Since I have been to the city to sight see mulpitle times we took this trip to enjoy ourselves at the roof-top pool, shop, and eat. If you follow me on twitter you know exactly each place I went to. I just love how up-and-coming the city is; the shops in Georgetown stretch for miles and include Rag & Bone and Kate Spade while, there are both new restaurants (Mike Isabella's restaurant Graffiato is a must) and old ones, like Serendipity 3 from my new home in New York. I had such a great time surrounded by the modern city and my family.

Seen In: Pocket Change

Check out my newest feature and small Q&A on Be In Style. A site I didn't use until now (which I read almost daily).They even made me an adorable header which I may use for my blog! What do you think?

the dark side

tank, cottonink; skirt and shoes, dvf; sunnies, chloe; bag, sushi; bracelet, tiffany&co

Even though summer is barely over (I really still feel as though summer never started) I decided to change my hair into something more natural and appropriate for pre-fall. I walked out of the salon -my regular salon that I visited all the way in Boston- dreading my decision and missing my drastic ombre-do. But each time I see myself in the mirror I like the color more and more. I guess it was the change I need for the changing fashion season.

playing with heat

dress, unknown; bag, botkier; sandals, coach; sunnies, rayban; necklace, ken & dana design

An unbearable heat wave took over the city this weekend. Even though I tried my best to keep hydrated and stay in as much as possible I had to sneak outside for some photos. During the un-breathable heat black was probably not the smartest pieces to wear, but low front made me feel the closest to naked that I could be. The only thing that I like about the heat is that my hair can get as curly as it can while still looking put together. I love when you have an excuse to be all natural - thank you heat!
Tonight, I'm en route to Boston to be with my family for a few days. I am so happy to have some time off to just relax and spend quality time with them!

the high line

dress, gypsy 05; shoes, missoni; bag, louis vuitton; sunnies, tom ford

Since I recently became a New Yorker I still enjoy doing tourist activities. This past weekend I took Joe to my some of my favorite and daily spots which included Union Square and the High Line. We found new coffee shops and indulged in buttery steaks. For our city adventure I wore this tie-dyed dress (also seen here) for a comfy and casual look. Summer pieces are so easy to change it only takes one new accessory or sandal and voila a new look.

the ombre

top and shorts, dvf; shoes, jeffrey campbell, bag, coach, sunnies, rayban

Joe came to visit me again this weekend and I finally got a chance to have someone snap my photo. I never fully appreciated all that we did for me until I moved. But this is all part of me learning, growing, and being more independent (so far I don't know how well I am doing). 
Afraid to go to another hair stylist I have been letting the ombre grow out of my hair naturally. I'm not sure how I feel about the results. I love how your hair defines you so I guess my definition is currently lazy.


outtake from previous post

Melting. The sun has been scorching for the past week hitting over 100 degree Fahrenheit. It leaves for an unpleasant summer day and hot summer nights. I'm ready for a cool front to come in and save me from the heat. 

Hot Child In The City

dress and sandals, dvf; bag, kooba; sunnies, tom ford; bangles, david yurman

The temperatures keep on rising in the city and every time I try to escape to the beach rain ruins my plans. My cool me off is a daily iced latte from Ninth Street Espresso. The prices can be steep for a cup of joe but it is completely worth it. This is one of the my most simple maxi dresses that I own this season. The fit transitions so easy from day to night. My only concern is the piece of string that was suppose to be a sash belt. It just is so unnecessary that I turn it into a bracelet instead.

Party In The Back

top; t by a.wang; jeans, juicy couture; scarf, coach; bag, botkier; shoes, jimmy choo

I'm never really a fan of the element of surprise; my boyfriend can vouge for me. My days are packed with multiple schedules and if something isn't there it isn't happening. Without my schedule my life feels like an utter cluster and complete mess. I'm trying to work on being less organized and enjoying things as they come, but when it comes to clothing surprise can be a good thing.