Over stuffed

top, cotton ink; sweater, free people; jeans, juicy couture; shoes, jeffrey campbell litas

After the holidays I am completely over-stuffed and shopped-out. On Black Friday (yesterday) I happily was not forced to wait in any lines at 3 am, but my curiosity still lead to shop mid-afternoon. Every store was packed and the sales were mediocre; I came home empty-handed finding the stores too messy to shop in and nothing worth buying. Next year I may just opt to stay home and rent a handful of movies.

Seen in: MTV Style

This article on MTV Style was the perfect thing to wake up to on Thanksgiving morning. Currently I am fully equipped with my extra large feathered DVF tunic & I am ready for the over-eating and food coma to begin. I hope you all have a happy, loving Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble

I am so happy to be home & spend the day / week with my family for Thanksgiving (tomorrow!!). I miss sleeping in my bedroom and having my sister around me constantly.But more importantly I'm glad to spend time around others who indulge in more helpings of mashed potatoes (I think I could live off them if I had to).

vest gifted by beso; dress, express; shoes, banana republic; belt, dvf

I'm not lying when I say that I have been living in my faux fur vest & that I always pair it with fierce animal prints (guilty & guilty). The vest works easily with everything; from a dress to jeggings and is more than easy to just throw on and stay warm. 

Splurge vs. Steal; Black Lace Dress

Splurge                                                       Steal

dress by Diane von Furstenberg                           dress by Topshop

  There are many times that I pick new pieces based on ones that I have at home; not purposely. At the time of the purchase I do it without thinking knowing that I really adore the piece for some reason (and usually the reason is because I already own it). Here is a perfect example of two very similar black lace dresses one from Diane von Furstenberg and the other a gift from my boyfriend (and from Topshop). Do you find yourself buying pieces similar to ones you already own?

Black & White Stripes

dress & boots, dvf; clutch, coach; bracelet, tiffany & co

When I first saw this dress all I could think of was the Hamburglar (from the old Ronald McDonald commercials). My boyfriend didn't even know who he was! The more I wore it the more I grew a liking to it. The dress pinches and hugs in all the right places and is so comfortable (my main goal in an outfit is to be comfortable if you couldn't already tell). The dress is also a perfect complement to my forest green hiking boots which I love but feel as though I don't have enough pieces to wear them with.


jacket, madewell; top, dvf; jeggings, juicy couture; wedges, trouve; bag, botkier; bracelet, tiffany & co

These pieces are all constantly in my day to day outfits. I am drawn to each piece (at different times) and feel as though they are on repeat. I decided to put them together in one outfit for a post in hopes of getting them out of my system so I can wear other pieces. The jacket (here and here) is more than comfortable and is the easiest thing to throw over an outfit to make it complete. I never thought I would wear these jeggings as much as I do but they really are amazing. I advice everyone to get a pair :).


vest, gifted by beso; dress, dvf; tights, juicy couture, clogs, coach; necklace, ken & dana design

I absolutely hate that the days feel shorter and how it gets darker earlier. As soon as I was ready to step out for my usual photos the sky was beginning to turn to night (and it was only 4:00 pm!). I have been living in my faux fur vest {thank you Beso} and for some reason I keep pairing it with leopard (here). When I put on the vest I feel so fierce that it lets my inner animal out and draws me towards animal prints. ROAR. I was so excited when I found these stir-up tights hidden in my draw (they will be the next thing I live in.)

Sequins & Lace

dress, dvf; shoes, trouve via nordtrom; gifted bag, steve madden via nordstrom

This past weekend New England was lucky enough to get gorgeous weather. I was able to go out without a coat so I thought I would finally wear this dress with no tights for a night on the town. I never have been a girl who wears sequins or lace, but lately I feel as though I cannot get enough of them both. The lace dress was perfect for a hot date night with the low scoop neck in the back and full length exposed zipper. I was gifted the sequins clutch and at first did not love it but have grown a liking to it. It holds a good amount of stuff and adds a little shine to any outfit. 

P.S - thank you to Tiffany who posted a sweet interview with me

Beso {Winner}

a preview of tomorrow's post

I am so happy to announce the winner of my $100 Beso giveaway; Closet Fashionista! (The winner was picked completely at random) I cannot wait to see how she spends and wardrobes the pieces that she gets using the gift card.

I also added a little preview of tomorrow's post. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Casual Fridays

sweater, free people; top & leggings, juicy couture; flats & clutch, coach; hat, dvf

I treat almost everyday as if it was a casual Friday. I don't know if it's the weather or my laziness is just hitting full force, but I love spending my days in just leggings and an over-sized sweater (sometimes even the same one). This is one thing I truly love about the weather getting colder - you can bundle up and be lazy with no judgment!

P.S- my Beso giveaway is going on until Sunday.. I would completely participate if I could!

Beso {Giveaway}

Beso approached me to host a giveaway on my blog which I am completely thrilled about. I have been a fan of their website for a while now since it is my "one-stop shop". I refer to it as my virtual shopping mall where I can shop a selection of brands at one location and in my comfy bed (That is where the best online shopping takes place).

 faux fur vest, bb dakota gifted by Beso, sweater, express; jeans, juicy couture; shoes, jeffrey campbell; bag, longchamp

The winner of the giveaway will receive a $100 gift card to Beso where they can shop for whatever their heart desires. What would I buy with $100 to Beso? A faux fur vest {seen above}, it is the perfect piece for the cold winter that is approaching. When I received it I knew it was the faux fur for my winter collection.

To enter the giveaway simply:
  • Like Beso on Facebook
  • Sign up for a beso account (add your nickname to your comment)
  • Follow Passport Glamour via google
  • Leave a comment and provide the nickname used to sign up in your comment 
I'll randomly pick a winner this Sunday. Good luck!

P.S. - enter to win $250 on their website as an added bonus when you sign up

No Intro Needed

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I finally got my Jeffrey Campbell Litas {I have been waiting forever} and they were definitely worth the wait. The rumors are true, they are the most comfortable heels I own at such a soaring height. Once I saw them I had to have them. They are also the last pair I will be buying this month since I am not shopping for all of November - well, i'll try at least. I have so many pieces in my closet and want to wear them to the fullest by mixing and matching. My countdown to shop again starts today (only 24 more days left).

P.S - I have an amazing giveaway coming up I am so excited for it

Pink Fur

via solestruck
Just when I thought Jeffrey Campbell's Litas couldn't get any more fabulous. (Fur + Litas = amazing)


jacket, madewell; shirt, lna clothing; jeggings, juicy couture; bag, su-shi; loafers, ugg australia

As the weather gets colder I feel myself getting lazier and lazier. The only thing I want to do is lay in bed watching re-runs of Sex and The City while my boyfriend cooks his delicious homemade dinners. The one thing I will get out of bed for is to shop. But since it is a new month and the holidays are approaching, I made a promise to myself not to splurge on anything (my mother would be so proud). One of my last purchases was this over-sized jacket from Madewell. It's easy to throw on, matches with almost everything and keeps me warm (it's so big I love it).