Fashionably Late

dress & bag, dvf; shoes, jeffrey campbell

 Another glimpse at my outfit for DVF's fashionably late show at The Liberty Hotel {also in my last post}. I had way too many taken of my outfit to not make a blog post. My dress really is my favorite piece from Diane's spring 2011 collection and had to be taken out for the show. I just love how the dress becomes an accessory and not much else is needed. I wore my hair up (something I rarely do) in a tight ballerina bun to let the dress, its detail, and colors shine. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of drinks, friends, and fashion.

Fashionably Late: DVF / SP11

me decked out in dvf for the show
with blogger Jess, Hell or High Fashion

I got the pleasure to enjoy Diane von Furstenberg's fashion show at the Liberty Hotel this week. The old jail turned into four-star hotel was the perfect place for the fashion show to take place. Couches and chairs lined the outside of the runways for you to sit and have service. My drink of choice was the Bellini (half champagne, half fresh peach juice). For some reason when I see it on the menu no matter what time of day I need to order it. Since it was a DVF show I wore my favorite flow-y dress from the Spring '11 line. The slip underneath hugs my body while the silk flows effortlessly - it's heavenly. And I could not pass up the chance to finish off my outfit with my litas. They look sky high in these pictures!

It's Vintage

coat, madewell; dress, dvf; shoes, jeffrey campbell; bag, kooba; sunnies, tom ford

 Even though the sun was out yesterday the cold still was present. I was completely tired of dressing for the cold and stupidly opted to not wear tights. A pair of bare legs looks better over tights any day.Thank god I was only walking one and a half blocks from the car to the coffee shop. I was excited to wear my Diane von Furstenberg dress from the Diane Collection which launched in Boston yesterday. The line is made of new pieces with Diane's signature vintage prints from 1974. The line screams prints and color which is everything Diane stands for and something I need to see more of in my closet.

Days Off

sweater, free people; top, j.crew; jeans, juicy couture; flats, cole haan; sunnies, rayban; clutch, burberry; ring, david yurman

I used to think that my days off would have to consist of errands and getting the most done in the small amount of time I have available. It would cause me nothing but stress and I never felt like I had a day to myself. Lately I have been pushing myself to enjoy my days off by doing nothing at all. I stay in bed longer, read magazines from front to back, and enjoy my cup of coffee sitting. To be the most comfortable that I can I opt for flats (my cole haans with nike air are amazing) and jeggings (jean-leggings). Both keep me super comfortable while staying chic. My J.Crew top was a gift for Christmas and I love the exaggerated jewels on the neck line. It is the easiest piece to throw on for a casual day - no jewelry is required. 


 sweater & boots, dvf; dress, rag & bone; bag, louis vuitton speedy; bracelet, tiffany&co; ring, david yurman
One of the best parts about New England are the constant seasonal weather changes from day to day (it is also the most annoying thing about New England). I spoke too soon when I wished for warmer weather- in my latest post. I was finally able to enjoy the day without a coat and dragged my boyfriend out to do anything we possibly could. My dress was another gift from my boyfriend (from Xmas) and he swears that he didn't purposely buy it to match my newly owned DVF hiking boots. If he meant to or not the dress was a great addition to my closet and I wear to so much. 

My Choos

Jimmy Choo Pheonix

My first pair of Jimmy Choos are the gorgeous nude Pheonix espadrille wedges thanks to my Valentine. My closet has been missing some nude hues so these wedges are the perfect addition. It surprises me how well my boyfriend knows what to get me especially because I feel like I am constantly seeing things I cant live without. The best way to showcase the criss-cross design was to show the shoes on my feet. I can't wait to pack these in my bag for my trip to Miami.

Ice Leopard

faux fur vest, c/o beso; cardigan, dvf; top, express; jeans, juicy couture; shoes, jeffrey campbell; sunnies, tom ford

The days in Boston are slowly changing from unbearably cold to slightly cold and my winter wardrobe is taking a complete beating. I feel like I have worn it all a million times and then some. I cannot wait for the days when I don't have to hide my outfits under my heavy winter coats. I am hoping that the days will get warmer quicker so I can shed my winter layers. 

I also wanted to thank you all for your sweet words on my last post. It means a lot to me! XOXO

Forever & Always

Many of you have probably wondering why I have been MIA from posting for a short time now. I recently had to say goodbye to my sweet dog Lily of almost five years. It has been a rough couple of days as I reminisce on the past. I pulled this picture from an older post that I shot when I was visiting my parent's house. It made me miss the times we had - and my long hair! We adopted her when she was a baby and I feel grateful that we could give her a good life while she was here. She was the greatest puppy and touched so many people's hearts. I will love her forever and always.

Dripping In Black

The snow is what I blame for my completely black head to toe outfits. To add a touch of color I wore my favorite green shoes. When I got these shoes I didn't expect to wear them as much as I do. But, I'm glad for the use I am getting out of them. I advise you that the colors have nothing to do with my feelings or even soul, I promise!

Red Hot

sam edelman pumps

I have been wishing the snow away for days so that I can finally wear these red pumps again. The streets and sidewalks are just an overload of packed now which gives me barely enough room for a photo opt. My magazine collection has been growing though I have read each one front to back. I'm just waiting for the March issues to be released I stocked up on all the March 2011 issues - next snow storm, I'm ready for you.  

Black and Snow

dvf head to toe; david yurman ring

The snow has been piling up for the past month and I actually have been enjoying the time that I get to spend locked in the house. Since I am one to be constantly on the go-running errands with a coffee in my hand- it forces me to stay in and relax. I have been cooking up a storm trying new recipes and cooking old Italian classics like chicken parmesan. 

I promise I didn't mean to wear Diane von Furstenberg head to toe, but my closet has been growing with her pieces. The hardest thing to dress for is the snow and I'm glad her pieces layer and fall together so beautifully.