Grandma Sweater Weather

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I love when the seasons slowly begin to change and the air becomes crisp with the smell of fall. There is a magical time between summer and fall when there is no need for a coat, but a shirt is just not enough. I kept hearing my neighbors and close friends say that this is their favorite season in NY and I now know why. It is the best time to go out shopping, take a walk with the dog, and go for an adventure in a new neighborhood.

In the past I had troubles with layering, I always felt like I didn't have enough time while getting ready to think about all scenarios for my outfit (i.e. what if we go grab a drink and the restaurant is hot or what if this 'grandma' sweater isn't cute enough for where we are going?). But as I got more comfortable adding pieces to my outfit the art of layering became easier. I learned its not about where you are going, but how you feel. I like feeling like I rolled out of bed in my sweater, but cute when I take it off and have just a shirt on. Practice layering, there is no right or wrong way and that is the fun of it!

Just like my love for shoes I have a love for handbags and I find myself getting into a habit of grabbing the last bag I put my wallet and keys in. I finally switched out my mulberry bag (see my last three posts here, here & here) for my balenciaga one. I love the effortless look it has.

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Best In New York; Brazilian Manicures

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Through my 'Best In New York' series I want to share with my readers all the things that I love, visit, and do in New York City (thoughts?). I wanted to start this for myself as well to get out of my cozy little neighborhood of Chelsea and explore new places, restaurants, and parks that are only a train ride away. Nothing is constant in the concrete jungle that I call home and I want to share my encounters and favorites with you. I'm starting my first post with the best Brazilian Manicure (yes Manicure). One of my close friends is Brazilian herself and finds the best of the Brazilian World in NY. After she talked countless times of how amazing J Sisters left her nails, I knew I had to try it myself. I have to agree this is the best manicure my nails have ever had. The salon is stacked with headshots and thank you notes from all different celebrities and I kept waiting and hoping that one would walk through the door.

The manicure itself takes about an hour after carefully and painlessly removing your entire cuticle, which gives your nails a lighter more clean feeling. The whole process was so relaxing that I could have sat there for another hour. J Sisters is definitely on the top on my list for manicures and Ceia Crema is the manicurist to see. Thanks for having me !!

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Totes Amaze

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I love pairing a silly sweatshirt (like this one from American Eagle) to make a weekend outfit more fun. I think this may be one of the last days that I can wear a sweater without a coat. I found this amazing skirt at the Joie friends and family sale this weekend - I only took it off once!