Redfeet No More

spending the day in Retiro Park

Redfoot Diana White Flats
they fit perfectly in my bag
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Yesterday I squealed with excitement when I opened the package from the wonderful people at Redfoot Shoes. I could actually feel my feet thanking me for having yet another pair of Redfoot Shoes to add to my closet. I quickly opened the box and took my new babies (the shoes of course) to Retiro Park to relax, soak up the sun with friends, & enjoy my Cosmopolitan magazine. As I blogged about (here & here) Redfoot Shoes are simply the best accessories to travel with. They fit perfectly in your huge day bag or small clutch, unfold and hug your feet for ultimate comfort and style. These flats are known as the "After Party Shoe" but I also love to use the flats to run errands in or to simple just grab lunch with my girlfriends. Weither Im doing errands or out for the night with the girls my feet wont be throbbing anymore with Redfoot. Have any of you girls tried Redfoot Shoes? 

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  1. wow, congrats on the feature, just checked it out! and those flats are super cute, can't believe they fold up that small!

    xox vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  2. Oh, I absolutely love these photographs. You look so picture perfect for a picnic in the park. And I now covet a pair of those Redfoot Diana White Flats - they are just adorable!! :)

  3. eeeek,I need some of these cuties soon!

  4. Cute lil White Shoes. Congrats :) thanks for Following Me ♥.Following ;)

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love the shoes!!

  6. Love those shoes!!!!


  7. Ohh I love the way you look! Love the summery blue skirt and the whole get-up! :)

  8. Cute shoes! These photos are so pretty too. xx

  9. this looks like the most stunning day! i love retiro park!
    Such a lovely summery outfit youve got on too. and i cant believe those amazing shoes fold up so small!
    Congratulations on your feature too :)

  10. oooh i haven't tried em yet but i want to after how much you've talked about its comfort factor
    so lusting comfy shoes that i can wear all the time right now

  11. really love this! gorgeous, summery pics x

  12. Hello, I nominated you for an award on my blog :)


  13. I really like our blog.
    i wish i had hair like you!
    + follow

  14. You look soo georgeous girl:)

  15. Love the flats!

    I am new to your blog and I have a request...could you blog about your perfect weekend in Madrid (what you would do and wear in 48 hours)? My boyfriend and I are going for a weekend soon and I'd love your input.

    Thanks...and keep up the awesome blog!

  16. I would love to post a blog about Madrid in 48 hours. Look for it soon ! :)

    Anna Katrina


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