Pack For...Rome

shirt, pepe jeans

Last week for spring break I traveled all over Italy and picked up a lot of fashion tips first hand that I wanted to share with my glamorous passporties (my new term for my blog readers-love it?). Rome is a city of so many (sometimes it can be overwelming), much need sight seeing. Who knows you may bump into a dreamy Italian on your vacation (and yes it is true the men are to die for). To be comfortable yet cute and appropriate for the Ialian on-lookers my top 5 essentials are:

Hogan sneakers- i dont love these sneakers but everyone in Italy does. you will see them on every Italians feet.
Jeans- i just love jeans they are casual but cute and you can dress them up for your night out in the city
Tee-shirt- my new favorite tee-shirt are from Rebel Yell. they edgey but cute
Cardigan- i live in my J.Crew cardigans
Leather jacket- everyone has one so i would have one to fit in and not look too much like a tourist

hogan shoes, 

Even though I dont LOVE Hogan sneakers these ones are adorable
source: styledrops


  1. $409??? WOW, I think I'll skip that one... you can get some mega fabulous shoes for that price! :D No, thanks!


    P.S: I've got an Italian man myself :D

  2. I love Italy =], those sneakers are actually quite nice!

  3. oh, Rome is still on my list..way up there! glad you enjoyed it so much! the weather was fabulous, as i see!

    have a nice weekend!

  4. been to Rome twice, totally in love! I could go back any second if someone offered! My favorite thing to do is sit at Piazza Navona and eat gelato in the sun!!

    Bikinis & Passports

  5. how awesome!
    i was just in rome 2 weeks ago, its lovely isnt it?
    check out my posts about it, perhaps we went to some of the same places!
    thanks for sharing as always darling
    and thanks for your sweet comments!


  6. super jealous, i wanna go to italy, land of my people. love the list of must have. those sneaks are pretty fabulous.
    be a follower, not a hater

  7. loving all your pics i really wanna go to rome its on my to do list x

  8. Makes me wanna pack my bags and run :) beautiful shots :)

  9. haha, it's true! Italian men are so handsome! :)


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