Cafe Latte at Le Look

Bonjour from Paris!!
After arriving to our hotel room and our room not being ready until 2 p.m (so late!) I decided to start my morning with a cafe latte in Le Look; a cute little cafe close near our hotel in the Quarters area. The place was small & danty with only about 4 tables and 7 seats but the lattes and food were delish! After our coffees I walked the city streets and the smell of freshly made dougnuts and breads captivated me. We finally stopped in a small bakery where I got my first sprinkled dougnut in Europe. It was the best breakfast I have had yet! Hehe. I am such a sucker for sugar! For some reason my pictures wont upload but I will put them up once I am back on monday. I prom! With only 2 and a half (the time is going by so fast already) days in Paris I have a huge lists of musts before I leave:

See the Eiffel Tower at night after dinner inside it
Go to Shakespeare & Company - who knows maybe ill even rent a night bed and write my blog from there!
Visit a market
Have the famous champange in a chic hotel bar
Go to the Louvre- I cannot wait
Take a romantic stroll in Promenade Plantee, hand-in-hand
Take a cooking or wine-tasting class
SHOP- literally until I am bored of tired of it, and that takes a lot for me
Eat crepes until I actually like them
Fall in love all over again

What is your favorte thing to do or see in Paris? I would love to hear your favorites!


  1. Bonjour, Oh so jealous I want to see Paris.
    I would love to see the Eiffel tower, all the street cafes, the amazing shops and the sexy guys.

  2. ooh I love your to-do list! sounds amazing!!

    I have actually only been once and didn't like it that much, but then again I was on my own and didn't speak any french (and only 15 at the time).

    Can't wait for your pictures and I really want to go back for a visit now!

    Bikinis & Passports

  3. Sounds amazing, darling ~ enjoy!


  4. have a picnic in the place du Tracadero, and just watch the eiffel tower sparkle every hour :) LOVE!

  5. Pre-dinner drinks at the Hotel Costes is a must.
    If you are fond of art: See Lucian Freud at the Georges Pompidou and the Razzle Dazzle of Thining at Musee d'Art Modern de la Ville de paris. Pop by at a bar called Le Fumoir for after dinner drinks or Sunday Brunch, or for a glass of french wine. Travel beyond central Paris to see the colour of the city. xoxo

  6. Oh i am so jealous! I was there this time last year and absolutely loved it!
    my most memorable moment was walking down the Allee des Cygnes at night while the sparkling Eiffel Tower shimmering behind the trees.
    Have and amazing time and I cant wait to see the pictures :)

  7. omg, like the others, i am so so jealous.
    i'd like to be in paris now and not only in 2 month, can't wait, this city is soo amazing (:

    have fun <3

  8. I wish I could go to Paris and see Eiffel tower :D

  9. I love eating macaroons while I am walking down Les Champs Elysèes!

  10. I love to go up to the Sacre Couer and watch the sun set! Have fun! XXX

  11. aww i loved paris soo much. ive got a post on my trip to paris , it was great! loved sitting under the eiffel tower at midnight with my love watching it twinkle :) x <3'd paris !
    x sophie-lou x
    follow me please

  12. Moi, j'adore Paris! So, did you get to do all these Anna?

    We may go in September so I would love to hear your stories!



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