Dreams Do Come True

After seeing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which I was actually disappointed in) I became obsessed with Alice and her Wonderland world. Even though I did not enjoy the movie as I thought I would I grew a love towards the story and all things magical. To fulfill my Alice in Wonderland needs I bought The annotated Alice by Lewis Carroll (edited by Martin Gardner). Throughout the book he gives side notes on what each little hint and joke Carroll is referring to. It is so interesting! I also found and fell in love with Disney Couture, a jewelery line inspired by all things Disney with a touch of couture. My favorite pieces are:

 Tom Binns for Alice In Wonderland Tangled Chain Necklace 

14 ct gold planted teacup with spoon ring

Oxidized Silver Heart Locket Necklace

sources: asos


  1. those are amazing! really love Alice the story as well..haven't seen the Tim Burton yet! but i always loved the Disney animation!

  2. The first necklace is gorgeous!!! xxx


  3. I love Disney Couture pieces, they are truly beautiful! Hmmm, I have been hearing the same thing from alot of my friends about Alice in the Wonderland. I might just wait till it comes out on DVD,

  4. Love the first necklace, I've loved Alice in Wonderland since I was little and so happy it's been revived again, I think everyone should read this book at some point in their life.

  5. most of us were dissapointed in Alice In Worderland..
    the best of the whole movie was just Johnnie Depp..
    but i like these necklaces and the ring...
    btw I have something for you in my blog..If you want check it out... xx


  6. sooo adorable! I would do anything for that first necklace! Already picking outfits to go with it in my head :)

    Bikinis & Passports

  7. I agree with you...I loved the movie but it was dissapointing..they could have made it a million times better but thats for another post..lol I love that first necklace!

  8. That first necklace is amazing!!!

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  9. That book sounds awesome... might have to buy that myself.
    And I'm loving that ring!

  10. Love these picks!! Gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I love the tea cup & spoon ring, that is too adorable! And the chain necklace is kind of amazing!


  12. I agree with you... love the last one necklace!

  13. I love fairies and letting your dreams carry you afar. That is as close as I've gotten to Alice so far... Fashion is my strawberry-scented escape!


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