Grandma Sweater Weather

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I love when the seasons slowly begin to change and the air becomes crisp with the smell of fall. There is a magical time between summer and fall when there is no need for a coat, but a shirt is just not enough. I kept hearing my neighbors and close friends say that this is their favorite season in NY and I now know why. It is the best time to go out shopping, take a walk with the dog, and go for an adventure in a new neighborhood.

In the past I had troubles with layering, I always felt like I didn't have enough time while getting ready to think about all scenarios for my outfit (i.e. what if we go grab a drink and the restaurant is hot or what if this 'grandma' sweater isn't cute enough for where we are going?). But as I got more comfortable adding pieces to my outfit the art of layering became easier. I learned its not about where you are going, but how you feel. I like feeling like I rolled out of bed in my sweater, but cute when I take it off and have just a shirt on. Practice layering, there is no right or wrong way and that is the fun of it!

Just like my love for shoes I have a love for handbags and I find myself getting into a habit of grabbing the last bag I put my wallet and keys in. I finally switched out my mulberry bag (see my last three posts here, here & here) for my balenciaga one. I love the effortless look it has.

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