Camera Shy

sunnies, chloe; top, jcrew; clutch, juicy couture

Since my camera broke three weeks ago I feel like no picture has been good enough for my blog. My long weeks and short weekends shacked up in my apartment to hide from hurricane Irene have not helped my feelings of not wanting to snap a photo or two. Somewhere after organizing my life and the hurricane came the most amazing package from Misikko. I have playing with this flat iron for a few weeks now and it is just amazing. My hair feels softer than ever and stays straighter longer. I am in love with my new straightener and ready for some photos!


  1. hurricane and broken camera is a bad news :( but althought everthing you look gorgeous.

  2. ow sorry to hear that...i love that clutch

  3. Sounds good! Recently my hair just decided to become curly so I´m in definite need of my flat iron! :D

  4. you look so glam, i love your top!

    <3 steffy


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