Where Is Spring?

{images via Madewell}

The weather lately has been unbearable and puts me in an outfit rut. The mix of snow and rain leaves me unable to decide if I'm even going to attempt going outside never mind what I will wear. Saying I am ready for spring in an understatement. I welcome it with open arms and my closet does the same. I really envy the west coast bloggers, maybe I should consider taking me and my blog there. 
For now my spring desires will be unfilled with Madewell's Spring 2011 Lookbook. The neutrals and oxfords have me drooling. Gimme Gimme Gimme.


  1. ooooo i was just looking at that yesterday. i LOVE EVERYTHING! how about those cute little anchor belts?!


  2. Love these looks! California has been in the 80's this week so it has totally gotten me pumped for spring :)

  3. love the looks especially the shoes in all outfits!

  4. I need the strip vest, nude blazer and grey tee and spring of course! Its just got so much colder here in the UK.

    The doll on fashion

  5. OMG those bags.....I need them! Now only to muster up the courage to step outside in the freezing weather and go get one!


  6. I liked the rolled up jeans look. I understand the closet dilemma, my closet is screaming for spring too.


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