The Train To Somewhere

 sweater, coat, scarf; dvf; jeans, juicy coutire; wedges, trouve

When I lived in Madrid the train was my daily transportation. I knew how to get to and from to almost any destination using the train and even switching lines.I took the train both alone and with friends. It was like my other half that I needed to get where I desired. In Boston I am uneasy with taking the train. I'm not used to how to get where I want and when opted I'll take a car or taxi any day. This year I hope to be more independent in taking the train is a new years resolution of mine.   

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  1. Yay trains! I'm too scared to use them, but luckily I don't need to. But I do use one to go to NYC, ha ha...
    Love your coat!!!! :D
    (and I heard that song on my way to work today :) )

  2. Really nice outfit :) Train rides are fun! XOXO

  3. Beautiful outfit! You are so gorgeous and I love all of your outfits. What a pretty blog!

    Have fun on the train! I have always wanted to visit Boston, it is one of my husband's favorite cities.

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  4. love the outfit! :)

  5. cute shoes. the outfit looks comfortable.

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  6. I love the trains on the east coast - I was always freaked of the trains in the UK!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. love the cut of your sweater!

  8. I love your outfit!
    I've been to Madrid once, i think comingfrom nyc made navigating the trains easier.
    When i lived in boston, i hated public transportation lol

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  9. Thank you for the comment. Love this look, simple and chic :) I don't like to travel by bus :) but I would travel by train any day.
    Love, Vanilla

  10. I agree that the Boston train lines aren't the easiest to learn. Thankfully the only time I really take them know is if we get bad weather and I don't want to drive the hour commute to school.
    Love the outfit!!!!! Kara XOXO


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