Closet Rut

top, charlette ronson c/o shopthefarout; jeans, true religion; flats, cole hann

Lately I have been digging in my closet to find the perfect outfit, but the outcome is just a mess of layers to keep myself from not freezing my fingers off. I find myself taking a little time out of each day to somehow shop whether its online or at stores. I find myself stuck in a rut of the winter blues. I'm not ready for summer pieces but I am too sick of winter ones.   


  1. Hehe cute picture!!
    I want to do some shopping too...but I need to resist :(

  2. Love the picture!
    I have been shopping almost every day too lol

  3. i feel the same way! not quite ready for summer clothes, but sick of this winter!!! you look super cute, i love the oversize sweater, looks so comfy.


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