In Anticipation

jacket, juicy couture; top, j.crew; cardigan & boots, dvf; jeans, abercrombie; earmuffs, burberry; bag, longchamp

Ever since it became December I have been patiently anticipating the first snow fall. For some reason it is just magical and beautiful. The news had claimed that it would snow yesterday so I waited but nothing happened. I know once the snow starts falling I will be begging for it to be the summer but I still can't wait for the snow to fall.
These boots {also seen here} are my favorite because you can wear them folded {seen here} or unfolded. But the suede makes them unwearable in the snowy season so I am getting all my wear out of them now.


  1. this morning driving to work (how i'm at work, i have no idea) i was thinking i need ear muffs!!!! - then i realized i have tons of them from my college years of walking from the parking lot to class - NOW i gotta find them - i could of gave them all to good-will ...

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Cute outfit, love the shoes xox

  3. Really cute earmuffs!

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  4. Love this outfit!! and I know! I'm waiting for the first snow was supposed to snow a little bit yesterday but it didn't :/

  5. Seriously love everything about this outfit! Especially your bag!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog -- hope to see you back again soon!

  6. I have never seen the snow! It really must be magical and you look stunning for this very special day!

    all my love,


  7. Thanks a lot for your comment!
    What a nice outfit! Your boots are great!

  8. i have the same earmuffs but dont wear it too ofen

  9. Lovely outfit and the military coat looks great on you!

  10. The mix of prints and details here plays so well together, and gotta love some versatility with those boots!


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