Blizzard Warning

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 These shoes are my newest addition to my collection thanks to my parents for Christmas. I love how unique and girlie they are, but was upset when one of the bows fell off before I even wore them! I'm not sure if I should return them for another pair or buy another pair all together. Any suggestions?

 There is a huge blizzard warning in the area so I collected my boyfriend, hot chocolate, food, movies, and games to accompany me through the storm. I actually enjoy being snowed in because it forces me to relax and do absolutely nothing.


  1. Oooh I love those shoes! But if a bow already fell of I dunno what that means about the quality :/ We have a blizzard warning too! I took work off tomorrow though so luckily I don't have to worry about getting there...but then if they get the day off I wasted a vacation day, haha

  2. i love the leopard + bow match on your heels
    great outfit

    new year preparation pt. 1 uploaded at
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  3. i love your leopard pumps! super cute! I want a leopard fur coat, i think it'd be super cute! gotta love leopardd! happy holidays :)

  4. I LOVEEEEEE these shoes! best chrismas gift i've seen yet! and honestly i put everything together with hot glue or get elemers "stick all" glue, we use that at the shoe store all the time.

    hope that helps girlie!!

    wolves and sparklers

  5. Gorgeous heels! I adore anything with leopard and bows :) I'd suggest trying Krazee glue, that stuff lasts forever and all you need is a little bit- I use it quite often, whenever gemstones on sweaters and things fall off.

    Have fun waiting out the blizzard. . . sometimes it's nice to just sit around and enjoy the day :)

    hearts and hugs,

  6. I LOVE those shoes. Being girlie is what makes them so cute. If you return them I would say get the same pair at least. Those look great and I love how they look with a pair of jeans.

    I'm on the Mass/RI border so I'm in the area that's going to get hit with 2 feet of snow. Thankfully I'm on school break and don't have to go anywhere tomorrow :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas...Kara XOXO

  7. ooh la la very cute shoes!!
    love them!! nice blog too!! :)
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same!!
    sweet italian kisses

  8. looking great,the shoes are amazing,but i don't know what to say about the pretty bows!i think the super-glue would fix the problem quite good!:Dlol

  9. Elles sont magnifiques tes chaussures, j'adore.
    Très jolies photos

  10. love the shoes!

    enjoy the blizzard and relaxing!!

  11. amazing shoes! I love

    Merry Xmas

  12. Thank you for stopping by doll! Lovely blog, definitely following you, hope you can do the same. I love the red + gold on the tree! Have a wonderful day!

    xx - Lera

  13. love your shoes. Wish you a happy new year, xoxo :)

  14. Those shoes are so cute!

    Xx Annie

  15. Totally loving the outfit: simple, chic, and perfect with those shoes! I do think you should take them back for a new pair if the bow already fell off, though, They're too cute to be doing nonsense like that! I hope you've been having a wonderful holiday!

  16. Oh no! What did you end up doing about the shoes? I would probably try to return them first, but if that option didn't pan out, you can always try a glue gun or super glue and you probably won't notice the difference!
    They are lovely shoes, by the way!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fun NYE!


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