Packing Light

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With my vacation slowly approaching I decided putting my essentials aside with the mentality of "packing light." As the week went on I tried my hardest to leave my clothes in the packed section of my closet. Yesterday was finally the day I packed. I put all of my essentials on my bed and had no room to even sleep! Looks like my idea for packing light was a failure but at least i'll have my travel esstenials 

My top travel essentials are:

passport- when traveling you can never leave home without this. I keep mine in an adorable Juicy Couture cover. 
LUSH ¨body bomb¨- my favorite is sex bomb. the bubbles create an ultra relaxing bath and they even have ¨bombs¨ that have confetti and sparkles. bath are so relaxing and help you refresh yourself and clean off your day good or bad.
ipod- with my ipod touch I can keep up with my favorite television shows (like gossip girl and re-runs of sex and the city) and keep myself entertained
travel books- lonely planet books are my bible when traveling
laptop- how else would i blog? :)
lip gloss- the lipstick tint in my Kielhs lipgloss makes me feel cute no mater where I am
What are your travel essentials?


  1. It is so hard to pack light, hope you have a lovely vacation! xoxo

  2. fab picture! ah your blogs fab - my only advice is be yourself and others will follow :)

    For everything about fashion:

  3. It's really difficult to pach light!!

    (I love Lush sex bomb too =D)

    Xx. Fashion Nicotine


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