Keds & Tights

When walking around the Vatican in Rome I saw so many different outfit combinations. The one that stuck out to me the most was sneakers with dresses or skirts. It is a different way for the comfortable tourist to rome around Rome (hehe) and still dress cute. The combination of sneakers and tights look the best with Keds. Keds are smaller, thinner, and a little dressy which makes it the perfect sneaker for tights. Personally, I would still stick with flats they are cute, versatile, and almost as comfortable as sneakers so, you can tour the city but still look un-touristy and adorable. But after seeing how cute Mischa Barton looks in Keds I may just have to buy a pair. How do you dress to sight-see?


  1. you are absolutely too sweet! honestly, I am blushing :) thank you soo much for the mention!

    and by the way, I totally adore your blog, too! still on a hunt down to get those LV city-guides :)

    love, vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  2. I really do adore the combination of keds and dresses. They are casual, yet cute. This post makes me want to put mine to use again. :]

  3. Whenever I see Keds I always think of Mischa..she inspired me to get a pair a couple of years ago. Your blog is quite lovely :)


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