Designer Favorites

 Gratacos store, Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city for the city life, shopping, beach, and atmosphere. Passeig de Gràcia is the perfect street to see all your favorite designers and to add designers to your favorites list. After one day here I already added three designers to my list that I cannot live without.

1. Armand Basi- I liked the men items a little more than the women which makes it a perfect place to shop for my boyfriend!
2. Gratacos - the store is walled with different colored fabrics to choose from to make any kind piece you could ever dream of
3. Bimba & Lola - some of the pieces look as though they are knock off of tiffanys, longchamp, and even chanel but they are so cute! (and is still a little pricey)


  1. wow!! those last 2 window-arrangements are out of this world! sooo beautiful, and that pink dress... AMAZING!!

    Bikinis & Passports

  2. These two dresses = F A B U L O U S!!


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