Splurge vs. Steal; Black Lace Dress

Splurge                                                       Steal

dress by Diane von Furstenberg                           dress by Topshop

  There are many times that I pick new pieces based on ones that I have at home; not purposely. At the time of the purchase I do it without thinking knowing that I really adore the piece for some reason (and usually the reason is because I already own it). Here is a perfect example of two very similar black lace dresses one from Diane von Furstenberg and the other a gift from my boyfriend (and from Topshop). Do you find yourself buying pieces similar to ones you already own?


  1. Haha wow so similar!! I must say I love the DvF one best though ;)
    And I find myself doing the same thing too, so funny how minds work

  2. These dresses are just so perfect for you!!!

  3. Yes, I do buy similar clothing often! Love both those dresses. Though I'm leaning more towards the Black Lace Dress. I just love how that one looks on you along with the open toed shoes. You look gorgeous!!! If you're still in Mass hope you enjoyed the nice warm weather we had today. Kara XOXO

  4. You look great, love the splurge... expensive tastes...

  5. Both dresses look fab on you but the DVF just has the edge for me - the zip back is gorgeous. x

    The doll on fashion

  6. Love them both! The back of the DVF is divine!

  7. You look fab in both dresses! They fit you like a glove!



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