Shades of Blue

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I know the fourth of July was days ago but I put together this outfit to walk the streets and have some American pride on the 4th. I rummaged through my closet away from home and did not find a single red piece to add to my fourth of July attire so, I added a touch of red to my lips & created what I thought was the perfect fourth of July outfit for Madrid (without going overboard). The stripes on my top reminded me of the American flag and the detail on the back is my absolute favorite. Being in Madrid there wasn't much to do to celebrate the holiday but, growing up I never truly celebrated it so it wasn't much of a disappointment for me. How did you celebrate the 4th?

Sé que el cuatro de julio fue ayer pero he creado esta vestimenta para caminar por las calles y tener algo de orgullo americano. Busqué en mi armario fuera de casa y no encontró una sola pieza de color rojo para agregar a mi cuarto de vestir para julio, he añadido un toque de rojo en los labios y creó lo que yo pensaba que era el cuarto perfecto de la indumentaria de julio de Madrid ( sin ir al agua). Las rayas en mi tapa me recordó a la bandera americana y el detalle en la parte posterior es mi favorito. Estar en Madrid no había mucho que hacer para celebrar el día de fiesta pero, al crecer nunca realmente lo celebraron por lo que no era una gran decepción para mí. ¿Cómo celebrar el cuarto?

I was also a contributing editor for Style Sample Magazine this month
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  1. the top is just fabulous!! and i love that kinda shoes it's just hard to find one like that in jkt :(

  2. So adorable....You always look great! I am happy you have a lovely summer weather:)

  3. That's so nice of you, you wanted to celebrate 4th of July wearing a special outfit. I like the tank top and love your nail polish

  4. looks so comfort in it.
    u have such a lovely smile..

    visit mine :D


    hug and kiss^^

  5. You look adorable!



  6. I love that t-shirt!! it is so beautiful, the back is amazing!!


  7. thank uu :)
    really nice and comfortable outfit !
    I wish I could have been in the US to celebrate 4th.. was there last year and was in San Francisco, it was awesome...
    but this year I'm in Sweden, so I didn't celebrate anything :(
    hope u had a good day :P

  8. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
    I really love your blog! you know? I'm studying Turism, so I love traveling! and I see that you like it too!
    can I add your blog to my favourites?
    xxx darling!!

  9. at first the top seemed pretty average but when you turned around WOW, gorgeous!

  10. That's a lovely top and it's back! :) You look cute!

  11. I love that outfit! And congrats on being contributing editor! :D
    I didnt do anything on the 4th either, haha

  12. Qué chulada de top. Sobre todo la parte de atrás. Es de lo más original.

    B* a la Moda

  13. I love that top ! Cute oufit :)

  14. Great look!
    nice top:)

  15. great post, outfit and blog!!!love it!wish you a nice eve!

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  17. What a great outfit! I love stripes! xoxo

  18. i love what you're wearing! so laid back and effortless but still stylish!

  19. i love ur comfy outfit! the detailing on the back is adorable, too:)

  20. Great post, you have an awesome blog!
    Had to go back several posts even.
    Will be back again..
    Hope you can check out mine
    and maybe follow if you like it :)

  21. Pretty pictures. I love that top. The back is so unexpected.

  22. you look great in these pics! xo

  23. I like this outfit! So nautical! And the details on the back is such a pleasant surprise! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  24. You know what I really like about you and your blog? You wear flat shoes! I walk everywhere, and when I read other blogs it really seems sometimes that the only way to be fashion forward is to be tripping around in 5" heels. You always look great, and comfortable!

    The shoe you're wearing here is 100% Spanish in my mind. I used to live in Barcelona and everyone wore them, from fashionable girls to their fathers, to children. I love things that transcend age and fashion!

  25. you look so cute in this one!! so laid back and the tanktop is gorgeous!

  26. Aww, thanks for celebrating the 4th of July with us!


  27. Simple outfit with lovely details as the back of the top.


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