and the City

with my champagne to go in Plaza Mayor
shirt, ling; skirt, express; flats, aldo shoes; bracelet, tiffany & co

The premiere night for Sex & the City 2 finally came to Madrid, Spain. I was so excited to see the film but celebrated it in a Spanish way; champagne & tapas. My tapas included an assortment of cheeses, jamon, and home made potato chips (which I snuck into the theater along with a glass of strawberries and champagne). My outfit of choice was my favorite silk skirt that I have been wearing so much lately. (see here & here) I added gladiator flats to keep my outfit looking edgy but wanted to remain cute, I was seeing Sex & the City 2! As for the movie I wanted to love it but just couldn't. What did you girls think of it?

Happy Weekend!

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La noche de estreno para Sex & the City 2 finalmente llegó a Madrid, España. Estaba tan emocionada de ver la película, pero lo celebró de una manera española; champán y tapas. Mi tapas incluyen un surtido de quesos, jamón y papas fritas hechas en casa (que se coló en el teatro junto con un vaso de fresas y champán). Mi traje de elección fue mi falda de seda favoritos que he estado usando mucho últimamente. (Ver aquí y aquí) he añadido pisos gladiador para mantener mi equipo en busca nervioso pero quería seguir siendo lindo, yo estaba viendo Sex & the City 2! En cuanto a la película que quería encanta, pero no pude. ¿Qué niñas piensan de ella?

¡Fin de semana feliz!


  1. thanks for your comment! i really like your outfit its very cute. have a great day!



  2. i haven't seen the movie yet! hopefully next week :) i love how versatile that skirt is... with tights, then with gladiator sandals. very cute.

  3. i agree, i cant decide whether i love it or hate it but the fashion in sex and the city 2 was fab. either way, it was enjoyable and entertaining just to watch. miss you lovie!!


  4. oh i loved the movie! - there was a lot of "i'm gonna use that line" and "omg that's us" in it for me and my bestie!

    *Happy Weekend*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    You are so cute!
    And lovely blog.
    I love 4th and last photo.

    Have a happy weekend!!

  6. great skirt!

    Hmmmm about the movie, I loved the fashion!
    The story line could have been a bit better, but it was still good,not as fantastic as it could have been.

  7. Your face just reflects such positivity and everything, it's so cute :D
    Anyways.. very cute outfit. I love that it's simple, but still so great!

    Liz xx

  8. you look beautiful. love the outfit, so pretty

    -HE approves

  9. I loved the movie, but the first part was better.
    And that's a very cute and simple outfit - love it!

  10. CUTE skirt! i love your blog header! wish i was that computer savvy :( haha

  11. Congrats on the award!
    Cute outfit:) happy weekend

  12. I love that skirt!


  13. Lovely photos.
    And those tapas sound delicious.

    Lydia xxx

  14. Simple chic! You look gorgeous!

    xx rk

  15. cute skirt.

  16. Your silk skirt is very pretty - love the pattern on it. Happy Friday;-)

  17. thank u so much for stepping on

    love ur skirt!!


  18. I loved the movie...The fashion was amazing and the girl so good!! Your outfit is perfect!!! Great silk skirt and the flats are adorable:)
    Kisses and have a fun weekend my dear!

  19. adorable skirt and loving the shoes with it too - great look!!

    tapas and SATC?? sounds like a perfect combination. :)

  20. I love your skirt! As for SATC2, I won't be able to see it until I'm reunited with my galpals later this week.

  21. So pretty! And I love your skirt! ^^

  22. love the skirt and the shoes

    you are so pretty <3

  23. lovely skirt! you look so pretty!


  24. What a cute blog you have here!!! And what a cute girl!!! Loving your outfit, esp. that skirt <3

    Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog, btw!!!

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  25. hello hun :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I agree, and I feel the same way that you do... I love the bobs as well but it takes me soo long to grow out my hair :(

    love your blog
    have a great weekend


  26. cute! i'm trying to find the perfect skirt to wear with a tank like that. =D

    XO nancy

  27. You look stunning girl! I love the printed skirt.

  28. oh I love that skirt! I want to see the movie so badly. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ... I follow you too!

  29. oh, your skirt is fab! :)
    I saw Sex and the Ciy on wednesday, and although I don't think it's a very "intelligent" film (I wasn't expecting it to... I just went for the friendship and fashion etc), I thought it was really funny :)


  30. geeze, i am so interest with sex and city 2, but in my city, it hasn't come yet

    anw, as usual, your style is great

    would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you like

    thankies sweetie

    Pinta Lizti Irene

  31. you look so cute in that 4th photo!!

  32. I love your easy fashion. You look great :)

  33. You look so cute! I'm loving that skirt!!

  34. You look so adorable :),

  35. I took a semester in Spain a few years ago and I miss everything about Madrid. All this talk of tapas is making me incredibly jealous. The american tapas just does not stack up. I'm loving your skirt - the print is really fun and it looks like a really great relaxed summer piece. xo

  36. Beautiful outfit! So simple and pretty! Your skirt is amazing and you have the prettiest smile!

  37. wow linda fslda!
    a falta de tiempo la peli todavia no la vi..
    pero kiero verla ya! hahaha

  38. What a gorgeous skirt. Hope you're having an amazing weekend!

  39. ♥cute blog ♥

  40. I LOVE your outfit! So cute :)

  41. I love the skirt!!!!!!!! :-)

  42. ooh you look so cute =)
    love your pictures <3<3<3

    if you get a chance, please visit me at



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